Associazione Oasi

OASI operates in the field of welfare policies for the enhancement of community resources and systems, through actions of a training, consulting and technical assistance.

It could serve as especially qualified resource for local authorities, called to assume a role of increasing responsibility in this area, which has become critical after the approval of the reform law of interventions and social services (328/2000)

Wath We Do

Areas of intervention

In recent decades there have been changes in welfare policies, and roles and responsibilities of institutional and non-profit organisations have largely expanded. The new social policies tend to favour the integration of services to meet the needs of citizens, and this requires a greater capacity to manage complex systems. Meanwhile, the way to access resources available at a European, national and regional level has become more multifaceted and requires expertise in every process phase: from planning to accounting.

  • Consulting / Technical Assistance
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Planning and Design
  • Training
  • Search
  • Communication

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Among Oasi’s main activities:

  • Collaboration with the Department for the Promotion of Social and Health Services of Roma Capitale
  • Collaboration with the Department for Educational services and school of Roma Capitale,  in the project “Action Research for the development of Adolescent’s Day Care Services”.
  • Partnership with Social Farms Network in the project “Open Social Camps: an experimental path for social inclusion of troubled minors”.
  • Under the LLP – Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013, Oasi is partner of the project “REdHous NET – Romani people and Educational and Housing policies: key links to share”.
  • Partnership with LUMSA University, (Department of Human Sciences) for the implementation of the graduate courses: Stakeholders Management in the social services system; Interventions and Policies for Youth.
  • Organization of the Training Course “Introduction to European Project Planning (2011/2012).

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