Areas of intervention

In recent decades there have been changes in welfare policies, and roles and responsibilities of institutional and non-profit organisations have largely expanded. The new social policies tend to favour the integration of services to meet the needs of citizens, and this requires a greater capacity to manage complex systems. Meanwhile, the way to access resources available at a European, national and regional level has become more multifaceted and requires expertise in every process phase: from planning to accounting.

OASI assists institutions and organisations to:

  • improve their organisational effectiveness and efficiency;
  • identify, improve and update the skills needed to ensure the quality of the services provided;
  • create and manage networks supporting local development dynamics in contexts of co-design and co-management;
  • produce communication tools showing the reasons and ways in which organisations and services act, with a view of social responsibility;
  • develop and adopt IT tools for the management of shared resources and network storage of documents and databases.


  • Advice in the planning/management of processes aimed at promoting social participation
  • Drafting of service charters and operational guidelines
  • Set-up of IT systems for social and socio-educational services, preparatory to monitoring and accounting processes
  • Development of management skills within services, organisations and networks
  • Support for supervisors and coordinators
  • Ways to improve services
  • Enhancement of positive experiences and cultural exchanges with other realities
  • Assistance in the set-up and use of IT resources to support activities and produce effective papers and documents.


  • Monitoring and quality control of social services and projects
  • Assessment and evaluation of plans of action and programmes of intervention
  • IT monitoring systems shared within local networks or via the web, for data management and production of summary overviews


  • Services for the planning of the system of social services and interventions on a wide area
  • Support to the planning at local, national and European level
  • Building up of partnerships for accessing national and European funds
  • Provision and customization of IT platforms for the web management of working groups (calendar, address book, events, document archive, electronic bulletin board, library archives, etc.).


  • Planning and organisation of training activities relating to policies, services and social planning, as well as management of processes of service delivery
  • Training programmes and support to management roles
  • Training in the use of IT resources within work processes


  • Social research
  • Intervention research
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and survey relating to the level of satisfaction of stakeholders involved in the delivery of services to individuals
  • Development of IT systems for data collection and entry to prepare reports and summaries in tabular or graphical format


  • Organisation of events to promote social initiatives (conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops).
  • Co-ordination and drafting of publications
  • Creation of websites and web pages whose contents can be managed in a dynamic fashion (documents upload, text editing, management of mailing lists, automated newsletter distribution, events and news).