Who we are and how we work

The OASI team is made up of professionals and experts with specific experience, also international, in the field of programming, management and evaluation of plans, projects and services to individuals, families and communities. They have been engaged in collaborations with international organisations, local authorities, universities, research and training institutions and third sector organisations.

The association operates through the implementation of projects tailored to the needs of individual initiatives. OASI adjusts each intervention to real needs, through a joint analysis of goals and results. Whenever the complexity of the job requires it, OASI involves qualified and reliable partners, at the same time ensuring the unity and consistency of the overall intervention.

The Association’s commitment is characterised by two main features:

  • co-responsibility and customization: strategies and activities are decided jointly, but then are managed individually, as each activity is assigned to a single reference person who supervises it along its implementation;
  • professionalism and ethics: as far as the choice of partners and initiatives, as well as the management and implementation of interventions are concerned, OASI members comply with professional codes of ethics focusing on the social responsibility of the organisation and the person.